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DIY Room Decor

7:21 PM

So lately, I've been loving DIY projects.  I am also loving antique glamour home decor mixed with light colors and and airy California feel.  Here a few projects that can give your room an ounce of that style.

Antique Frames

You can look for old unused frames around your house with this Renaissance look or even go out to thrift stores and look for this style of frames.  Before you paint the frames, be sure to remove the backs.  Coat the entire frame with a primer; that way you will not have to do as many coats of paint.  Choose any color of paint you want (I would do a mint green or Tiffany blue), and paint at least two coats.  After waiting a day or two for the paint to dry, seal each frame with a spray triple thick clear coat/glaze that you can get at a local art supply store.  Once they're dry, they're ready to hang!

Antique Knob Hanger

Instead of having just a boring wall hanger, mix it up by taking the knobs off, and replace them with antique pull knobs like in this picture.  It's so cute!  I haven't done it yet, but I can't wait to try it and show you guys!
XO Katie

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