allGLAMMEDup: Mothers' Day Brunch with BCBG

Mothers' Day Brunch with BCBG

11:35 PM

Mothers' Day is coming up this Sunday, May 13, and families usually go out to brunch on Mothers' Day to celebrate and spend time with their moms, which is why I put together three different outfits you can wear to brunch depending on where you are going.

The first outfit is for if you are staying at your own home, or going to someone else's place for brunch.  I chose to make this a more casual and comfortable outfit with a flowy top and bright pants.  I of course had to add a few bangles and bracelets to the watch to make an arm party.

The second outfit is casual chic.  I used a silky tank and structured shorts, and dressed them up with an open-front blazer and metallic wedge sandals.  The sandals work well with this outfit because they are not too dressy, but not too casual--they are somewhat in between, so they can go either way.

The third outfit is a combination of both.  I would proabably wear this to a quaint cafe or French restaurant such as C'est La Vie (where my dad and I are taking my mom for Mothers' Day).  I love a neutral sequin pencil skirt.  Most people would think to pair a nice blouse with it to match the fanciness, but I love a cotton t-shirt with it.  It is unexpected and dresses down the sequin skirt.  You can choose to wear the shirt tucked in, partially tucked in just in the front, or out.  I would probably tuck it in just above my left hip bone and leave the rest hanging out.  This makes the look feel a little more casual.

Also, check out Kristin's post on Fancy Things for Mothers' Day Gifts!

XO Katie

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  1. I'm loving the outfit combo's you chose for mother's day, they're so perfect. I'd love to wear #3! Happy Friday girl! xo


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