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Precious Moments

10:19 PM

Hey everyone! So I haven't done a Precious Moments post in a couple weeks, so this is a post of "precious moments" from the last couple weeks.

 I went to Sky High (trampoline paradise) to celebrate one of my Rooted leader's, Bree, 25th birthday!

Toe touch!

Went on a major shopping spree for clothes for my new job at BCBG only to find out I wasn't allowed to wear any of it. Boo.

Had a DIY party at Sara of Glitter and Grace's house!

Finally bought my first bouquet of peonies :) My favorite flowers EVER!!

Treated myself to a TLC pedicure at Oh My Nails across the street from my house

"A Cut Above" by Essie

Spent a day with this little beauty, Lilli. How beautiful is she?!?

Bought this Kate Spade neon pink ring! Now I have to get the matching earrings :)

Sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather during one of my lunchbreaks

XO Katie

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