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Precious Moments

12:15 AM

Since I quit my job at BCBG, I have been able to take part in so many amazing and fun things that I probably never would have been able to do if I was working.  Instead of worrying about not having a job, I am taking this time that I have to enjoy for granted.  God has given me some great opportunities lately to explore and branch out in ways I haven't before.

So, here are some of my highlights from the past few weeks!

I went early morning paddle boarding with some people from the college group from Mariners Church. So much fun!

Some family friends hosted a party for my dad and his band to play.  These are the moms rocking out! I think they may have had a little too much wine.. The one in the pink even broke her toe!

One of my best friends is getting married on September 29th, and when dress shopping with her, I was asked to be the Maid of Honor! (expect some bridal shower and bachelorette party posts in the near future :)

The Mariners College Group went to Minnie Street in Santa Ana to play soccer with some kids!

Went on a 6 mi hike in Crystal Cove with some peeps from the college ministry...

...we started exploring...

...and found a WWII bunker! So cool!

Orange County Fair. Yup. I did this.

My July and August inspiration board!

Got my first henna tattoo at the fair!

After being an extra in a new Ashton Kutcher movie about Steve Jobs, my friend Nicole and I headed to Beverly Hills to enjoy the afternoon! 

While in Beverly Hills, we tried the new Sprinkles Ice Cream! So tasty!

Me, my mom and some friends attended a women's event at Mariners Church about the Five Love Languages. I, as well as many others, was distracted by the beautiful sunset! 

It's true!

The decor at the event was so cute! They had Jonathan Adler striped straws!

I went to the college ministry movie night at Mariners, and we watched The Sandlot! Love that movie!

I hope you all do the same as I have been doing, and take advantage of the time that you are given.  Live it up, and don't be afraid or let anything get in the way of doing anything!

XO Kate

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