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Essie Fall Collection: Mirror Metals

5:00 AM

If you know about the fall trends, then you most likely know that metallics are really in for fall.  Essie took this into consideration, and made a fall line of nail polishes called "Mirror Metallics!"  I love all of them and seriously want to buy them all!

1 ~ Blue Rhapsody // 2 ~ Good as Gold // 3 ~ No Place Like Chrome // 4 ~ Nothing Else Metals // 5 ~ Penny Talk

Personally, my favorite is Penny Talk, all the other ones I feel like have been done before, or are expected.  I'm pretty sure Penny Talk is the only nail polish that I've seen like this.  So, if I go out and get one, I'll definitely be getting that one.  Plus, I'm really loving rose gold right now, and it kind of looks a little like rose gold.

Which color is your favorite?  Do you think you'll try any of them out?  If you do, let me know in the comments!

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