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Paris in a Cup

6:09 PM

Last Friday, I went to Downtown Orange with one of my best friends and our moms to have lunch and do some shopping.  Little did we know what was in store...

First, we went into this antique store called Country Roads that had SO many cute things!  I found this amazing neon pink fluffy boa that I seriously fell in love with... I regret not getting it!  We saw tons of other really cute stuff as well.

We then walked around a little to find somewhere to eat, and saw a little place called Paris in a Cup (I, of course, wanted to go there considering I'm obsessed with anything Parisian).  We walked in, and my friend and I literally stopped breathing.  There was a little shop in the front part of the tea house filled with everything pink and Parisian, as well as a bright and sparkly pink Christmas tree!  As we walked up to the hostess, I was in awe of everything I saw.  After asking for a table, the hostess told us that reservations are a requirement.  However, a party hadn't shown up yet and weren't answering calls, so we could take their table (YAY!).  As we walked into the restaurant part, once again, Christi and I gasped.  I seriously felt like I was in Paris!  The way the room was decorated was so perfect, especially with the Christmas decorations.  As we were seated, we walked in wide eyed with huge smiles on our faces.  It was so perfect.  On top of the beautiful decor, the food was absolutely delicious!  I ordered the Vanille Black Tea, which was tasted amazing.  Christi and I, and then my mom and her mom, shared a plate of scones that came with whipped cream, jam and a lemon spread that all tasted absolutely scrumptious.  For the meal, I ordered the chicken salad that came on a croissant and with Creamed Chicken Soup.  AMAZING.  It was very filling though, so I wasn't able to finish it.  The whole time that I was eating, I was still in such awe of where I was... it was so beautiful!  I even ended up making reservations for my birthday, which is coming up next month! :)

Doesn't it look amazing?!  I can't wait to go back :)

After lunch, we walked around a little bit and did some more antiquing! This picture is of the window at Laurenly Boutique.  How cute is the display?!  Christi and I went in and were dying over pretty much everything there!  I would love to have that store as my closet :) They also have really cute jewelry!  I follow them on Instagram, so I'm constantly seeing all the new stuff they get in! Drives me crazy!

Saw this gorgeous chandelier in an antique store! It was only $400... no big deal.

How cute is this dress?! I would have loved to have it for New Years Eve, but it wasn't my size. Sad day.  However, I am thinking of making one similar to it!  Hopefully I'll be able to find a similar fabric.

I had so much fun that day and can't wait to go back on the 13th for my birthday!  I'll be sure to post about my experience that day as well :)

Do you guys know of any good antiquing spots?! Share in the comments below!

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    1. Thank you! xo
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  2. you surely had loads of fun...and go get the boa now, it suits you so much!

    1. I'm hoping it will still be there when I go back in a couple weeks! :)

  3. I love these photos. Super inspiring. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog A Little Dash of Darling


  4. I really love your pictures; they look great!

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