allGLAMMEDup: Neons, Pastels, and Florals, Oh My!
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Neons, Pastels, and Florals, Oh My!

5:00 AM

Last summer, I was OBSESSED with anything neon.  When fall rolled around, I was sad that all the neon colors weren't as big anymore... *sad face* But now, they're back for spring! *happy face!* Along with neon colors, I'm also loving pastels and florals.  I love the girlyness of it, but I also like to add a little bit of edge with some leather or studs.

Here are some of my current cravings of all things neon, pastel and floral:

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  1. Great picks, Katie! I wasn't a fan of pastels until just recently too!

    P.S. Found you through your comment on an IFB article. Congratulations on your new job too!

    Pink Carnations

  2. I like pastels too. Not all, but some. More the blues and greens.

    Newest Follower. I decided to nominate you for a Liebster Award!
    Check it out on my blog.


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