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Arm Party Giveaway

9:20 AM

I have loved "arm parties" for a while now, but lately it's been getting a little more serious... If I leave the house not wearing any bracelets--or jewelry for that matter--I feel completely naked.  I used to just have my main pieces that I would wear every day, but I've been trying to mix it up recently.

This used to be my go-to arm party.  I wore it almost every day for quite some time.  I do love it, but it was time to move on...

Kate Spade Bangle // Forever 21 Crystal Bangle // Charming Charlie Glitter Bangle

For a CLASSIC look, do just a gold watch and one cuff bangle.  So simple and chic!

For a TRENDY SILVER look, pair spikes with some neon and crystals.

Forever 21 Spike Bracelet // Gap Neon Crystal Bracelet // Charlotte Russe Macrame Bracelets

For a TRENDY GOLD look, do the same thing, but with gold!  The whole neon bungee cord thing is really in right now.

For an EDGY BOHO look, put a bunch of peace signs, spikes, skulls, and arrows together.

For a SIMPLE AND DAINTY look, put a dainty bracelet with a "love" bracelet together.  So sweet.

Love Always Couture Arrow Bracelet // Love Bracelet (available at Taim Boutique)

To add to your collection of bracelets to put together arm parties, I am giving away this gorgeous Michael Kors Astor Buckle Bangle!  It's the perfect addition to any arm party!

But HURRY! There's only a few days left to enter! You have until March 17th.

Good luck!

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