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Joe Fresh For JCPenney

10:25 AM

In the past several months, JCPenney has really been stepping it up with the quality of clothes they're carrying.  They have been collaborating with many different brands to create collections that are affordable, but still fashionable so that everyday people with a little bit of a smaller budget can still achieve that "designer" look.  

One of my favorite collaborations that they have done is with Joe Fresh, which recently debuted a couple weeks ago.  I went to my local JCP to check it out, and it all looks like it's pretty good quality and truly represents Joe Fresh.  I put together a few different outfits using pieces from the Joe Fresh collection, and accessorized with Lulu by Lulu Guinness handbags, and other brands of jewelry and shoes.

joe fresh, spring, outfit, shorts, summer
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joe fresh, jcpenney, spring, outfit, summer, pants, printed pants

joe fresh, jcpenney, spring, dress, outfit, pink, bow, lulu guinness, purse, liz claiborne

joe fresh, jcpenney, spring, summer, outfit, green, pants, skinny jeans, kelly green, lulu guinness, ballet flats
joe fresh, jcpenney, spring, summer, outfit, skirt, neon, jeweled, earrings, wedges, geometric print, pleated skirt, citrus

joe fresh, jcpenney, spring, summer, white, outfit, printed pants, neon, fresh

What do you think of this new collection??

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  1. Oh I love the jewelry they're carrying! I love Joe Fresh--I have an independent store near me that I frequent.


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