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Apartment Bedding | #allglammedupapt

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As some of you may know, I am moving to LA this month! I am SO excited because it means that a new and exciting chapter of my life is about to begin.  Something that really excites me about moving into a new place is getting to decorate!  I have already bought a white dresser as well as some white drawers that I will probably use to store makeup and accessories.

I went shopping for bedding over the weekend and found two that I am having a very hard time deciding between.  I first went to Kohl's, but didn't find anything.  We then ventured into Bed Bath & Beyond where I found something I was NOT expecting--Kate Spade bedding!!!  If you know me, you know I LOVE Kate Spade.  I ended up buying this adorable striped duvet cover and sham that has navy, white, pink & orange stripes.  I think it looks very classy as well as classic--a little more grown up.  

After buying the adorable Kate Spade bedding, we went to Target to get an affordable duvet comforter.  While browsing through the decor section of Target, I ended up finding another comforter that I loved.  It also has navy in it, but it also has one of my favorite colors--neon pink--as well as a kelly green.  I kind of fell in love with all of the college decor that Target has right now because of all the neon pink accents.

So now I have a dilemma.  I really like both of the comforters that I bought and I can NOT decide which one to keep.  That's where you guys come in!  I need you to help me decide which one to adorn my new bed in my new place with.  Scroll down to check out the bedding and some other stuff that I could purchase along with the bedding, along with some pros and cons.

Kate Spade

  • As you can see, the Kate Spade bedding has a couple super cute pillows to go with the bedding, which I will most likely end up buying eventually.  I could also use these with the Target bedding.
  • There is also bathroom decor that matches the bedding.  I would have to discuss with my roommates whether or not they would be okay with having this since it would be in the guest bathroom.
  • The whole look of this is a little more classic with the stripes, as well as grown up, so I feel like I would be less likely to get sick of it.
  • It was a little pricey, and if I decide to go with this one, then I would have to go back to Target and buy the duvet comforter.
  • I'm not crazy about the pastel yellow color (minor detail).


  • It was much less expensive (only $20), so it wouldn't be a HUGE deal if I got tired of it and decided to buy a different inexpensive comforter.
  • There is tons of other decor that would match perfectly with the neon pink in the bedding.
  • The whole style isn't really MY style, except for the neon pink.  I do love the "floral", but it is a little artsy and modern for me.
  • The print might be a little much, and I'm not crazy about how dark it is.
  • It looks a little more "dorm-y", which makes sense since it is part of the college collection...
So, which one do you think I should go with? PLEASE leave your response in the comments! I would really appreciate it!

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