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Four Favorites

9:00 PM

Studio Mucci Tassel Garland | Melsy's Illustrations CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle | Forever 21 Queen of Everything Plate | Pearls & Pastries Sequin Hanger

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite pretty things to spruce up your room and add a glam and girly touch. I moved back home last month and decided to redo my room (again).  The colors that I'm using are white (lots of it), gold, and pink/blush. It's very girly and Parisian-inspired, and is definitely a work in progress.  I still have so much stuff to figure out where to put, and I'm feeling like I either don't have enough storage space, or just have too much stuff (garage sale, anyone?)

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  1. Cuteness overload... those hangers look amazing!

    1. Thanks, Paulina! The hangers ARE amazing! I already have one and just ordered another one :)

  2. Love your favorites, very girly and glam!

  3. that print .. SO cute! & love that tassel garland. can't get enough of mine.

    thanks for linking up pretty girl! xo


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