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A Change In Direction...

12:00 AM

As of last week, I am an intern for the College Ministry at Mariners Church. Although this position is absolutely nowhere even closely related to what I thought I would be doing after graduating from FIDM, it makes me insanely happy. I've been praying for so long that God would show me where He wants me to be, and He finally has! *smiles uncontrollably*

I've known for a while that God wants me to help other young women realize that they are loved so much by God and don't need to turn to fashion, beauty, or boys to feel loved or accepted. I thought He wanted me to do this in the fashion industry, and although that may happen one day, it seems that it will be through the College Ministry at Mariners Church. 

I have the pleasure of taking on partial responsibility for revamping the Mariners College Women Ministry with my friend & fellow College Ministry intern, Lizzy Paulos. Over the past few weeks, we have brainstormed and planned some amazing events for this coming Fall season for the women of the Mariners Church College Group. Our goal with this ministry is to create a community of young women walking together in grace and truth, discovering God's love through community and service.

Below is a graphic that I designed of a little preview that we're sharing on the @marinerscollgewomen Instagram page, where you can follow along with our adventures. I'll also be sharing pictures from the events on here throughout the next few months.

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  1. So excited for you Katie, this is so awesome and I know it's right where God wants you to be! You are going to be such a gift to all the women that walk through those doors.

  2. Thank you so much Sara! :) Miss you!! xoxo


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