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Style Snapshot: Mariners Men

12:00 AM

CONRAD: Shirt: Vans | Pants: Hurley | Shoes: Vans | Watch: Freestyle Shark | Glasses: Zenni Optical

LANCE: Shirt: Gap | Pants: Gap | Shoes: Converse

PAUL: Shirt: J.Crew Factory | Pants: Korean brand | Shoes: J.Crew | Watch: Fossil | Glasses: Korean brand

This week's edition of Style Snapshot is a little different than normal, as you can obviously tell from the pictures. This is my first time covering men's fashion, and it's about time since I'm always being asked by guy friends about men's fashion. 

The guys at Mariners Church are generally pretty stylish, especially these three dudes above: Conrad, Lance, and Paul. This post was honestly originally going to be kinda a mock post, but they actually have pretty on-point style!

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Conrad: Being from California, there are so many different types of styles. I think that I pick and choose from different styles seen locally such as beach/ surfer/ and laid back styles, athletic styles, casual style, and even some hipster style. But it all comes from what I’ve seen locally in Orange County.

Lance: I'm always on the lookout for something we that I like..I usually take what I like from west coast action sports fashion and east coast trends like jcrew and then try to merge them stylishly.

Paul: I think I used to go by trends or see celebs or cool street fashion that I liked (Pinterest or sartorialist) and tried to find things that looked like things I'd seen someone else wear. It also helped having sisters who are into fashion and could help me out from not looking like a bum. But by now I'm not really 'inspired' by outside sources- I think I have a pretty sure sense of personal style so I know immediately what I like, what I can pull off, and what is 'me'. 

If you could describe your personal style in one word what would it be?

Conrad: “Eclectic” (The why: I have so many different styles I wear depending on what I’m doing, my mood, and who I’m with.)

Lance: Simple. As in "no frills"

Paul: I don't know if I can describe my style in one word... Can I hyphenate? Preppy-comfort? Bum-chic? Haha. Basically a mix of more tailored/nerdy/preppy things balanced with comfortable/loose/street wear.

What's your go-to outfit?

Conrad: Corduroy pants (you can dress them up/down), sandals, and a patterned short sleeve button up.

Lance: Oxford long-sleeve woven, dark Levi's skinnys, and classic canvas vans. And maybe a pair of Stance socks if I'm feeling adventurous.

Paul: solid v-neck, slim khakis, and chukkas.

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