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Tasty Tuesday: Spiked Spiced Cider

12:00 AM

Polka Dot Kate Spade Hiball Glass c/o Crystal Feather Boutique | Cheers Glass: Target | Paper Straws: Target, Urban Outfitters | Tray: Target (painted gold) | Striped Taper Candles: Marshalls (similar)

Ever since I turned 21 at the beginning of this year, I've loved experimenting with different drink recipes. This one is pretty simple, but so perfect for fall! It would be a great drink for a dinner party, or even just having a girlfriend over for drinks and girl talk while cozying up in comfy fall clothes. It could even be made hot or cold!


3 oz. Spiced Rum (2 regular shots)
1 1/2 cups Spiced Cider

Since it's just the two ingredients, there isn't anything to do but pour them both in a glass!

I'm somewhat obsessed with these new gold polka dot Kate Spade hiball glasses from the Crystal Feather Boutique. As you all most likely know, I love anything gold. I can't wait to use these for more drink recipes!

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  1. Isn't spiked cider one of the best fall/winter drinks? I love adding Fireball to mine. And you're obsessed with the Kate Spade glass for good reason, way too cute! Love your tray styling too!

    S. Roderick


Thanks for commenting! It really does makes my day :)