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Gift Guide // For Him

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Today's gift guide is all about the guys in your life, whether it be your boyfriend, husband, brother, dad, etc. Guys can be super hard to shop for, so I did a bit of research and asked a few of my co-workers at Mariners Church what they would want for Christmas. As you saw in this post, the guys at Mariners are super hip(ster) and on-trend. I love a guy that has at least a bit of fashion sense, and I've even been trying to get my dad to dress a little more stylish in the past couple years. The whole "lumber sexual" look (as a couple of my friends call it) is totally in right now, so that's the look I ended up going for with this post.

Guys absolutely LOVE their beer, so I included a simple monogrammed beer mug, as well as a Hefeweizen Brew Your Own Craft Beer Kit! Seriously, how cool is that. If I liked beer, I would even be excited if I got that as a gift! Most guys also love their technology/phones, so I included a portable phone charger, tablet sleeve, and phone amplifier

I really want to encourage all of you to CELEBRATE DIFFERENTLY this Christmas season, and one way you can do that is by giving back to those less fortunate at the same time that you're buying gifts for loved ones! Everyone knows and loves TOMS shoes, and these new boots are super cool. I also included a couple items from Krochet Kids, which is a non-profit clothing and accessories brand that provides over 150 women in Uganda and Peru the opportunity to "work, receive education, and be mentored toward a brighter future in creating gifts that give back." They specialize in knitted headwear, but are also well-known for their "LOVE" t-shirts. If you've never heard of them, definitely stop by and check out their stuff!

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