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#AGUADVENTURES | Hiking in Pink

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Jacket: Lole c/o // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Reebok // Bag: Target // Water Bottle: Zing Anything

If you live in Souther California and have never been to Black Star Canyon in the Saddleback Mountains, you need to go! There are so many rumors and scary stories about things that have happened there, and I've always been scared to go (at least at night). I heard that there was a fun hike up to a little waterfall, so I got a few of my friends together to go. No idea why, but I didn't look up how far the hike would be. We got there and started walking, and after maybe half a mile saw a sign that said 4.1 miles to the waterfall. So we kept walking and walking uphill, asking people if they knew how much further it was to the waterfall, but no one knew. We were walking up a trail to the top of the mountains and came across a guy on a bike that looked like he knew what he was doing, so stopped and asked if he knew how much further we had to go, only to find out that we went the wrong way about oh... a mile or two ago. He also told us that all the crazy stories that happened and said that those crazy guys that came out with the shotguns lived there a long time ago, and now it's just people that have summer houses there, which was extremely comforting. There's also this place called the Mariposa Reserve at the top of the mountain that I totally want to go to (it was about 3.5 more miles of a hike from where we stopped), so hopefully we'll be going back soon for that and to see the waterfall! Anyways, the hike was a total of 7.26 miles, and I was pretty proud of myself for surviving it! 

By the way, I learned how to make these super effortless looking beachy waves recently! If you'd like to see a tutorial, let me know in the comments!

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