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Pretty in Pre-Spring Pink

12:00 AM

If you know of Amber Fillerup Clark from Barefoot Blonde, then you probably know that she is an absolute braid GENIUS! She's always wearing all sorts of different braids, and it's so easy for her because her hair is so long and she wears extensions. I've been following her on Instagram for who knows how long, but just recently really following her blog and watching her videos. Since then, I've been braiding my own hair more, and have been getting a lot better than before. Granted, I have no where near as much hair as she does so they definitely don't look as good, but I've been thinking about getting extensions soon just so that I can do some cool braids for festival season and the Summer (I also really miss having long hair).
I also want to let you know about a new online jewelry store called Cherrypick! They just launched their site this weekend, and to celebrate, are offering 15% off the entire site for a limited time only with code "LAUNCH15". They have super cute jewelry so definitely check them out!

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