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Ready for Spring

12:00 AM

Now that it's March, Southern California's weather has finally decided to get cooler and wetter. So much so that it hailed (basically snowed) on the beach in Huntington Beach on Monday morning!! The the beach and streets were covered with a few inches of hail, so it looked like it had snowed. I saw so many posts on social media about it and totally wish I could have seen it in person! I went to dinner with a friend that evening and hoped there would still be at least a little bit leftover, but sadly, there wasn't. It was still freezing cold though which I obviously wasn't prepared for, as I wore a short dress and wedges (great thinking, Katie!). I'm just so ready for it to be Spring!!

I recently bought this Old Navy white & navy striped dress and have been absolutely loving it. It's the perfect dress to wear when you want to look at least somewhat cute, but still feel totally comfy.

I hope you're having a great week!

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  1. this is so breezy, effortless and chic! :D i'd totally wear this for spring too!! :D

    have a great week!
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  2. I love the prints from the necklace and your bag!



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