8:46 PM

This is the first week that I will be starting my "Precious Moments" posts.  Every week I'll be uploading some pictures from throughout my week.

Bowling with Mariners Church College Group!

I love waking up to his cuddles <3

Started reading Lauren Conrad's new book The Fame Game

My mom made a cherry cheesecake! Yummy :)

Two of the youth from the youth group I volunteer with at church. Love them <3

Fell in love with a puppy at the pet store.  Too bad I don't have $900.

Got a red velvet cupcake from Casey's Cupcakes

OOTD from 4/27

Haul from pay day! 4/27
"Love" Necklace $3.80 F21, ICING nail polish $4.80, White lace Conscious Collection H&M top $9.95, Gold and yellow link bracelet $5.95 H&M, Orange rhinestone necklace $7.95 H&M, Neon yellow iPhone case $4.95 H&M, Ear cuff $5.95 ICING 
OOTD from 4/28

XO Katie

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