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Recap: Dormify & Stoney Clover Lane Event!

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This past Saturday, July 28th, I hosted an event at Stoney Clover Lane in Beverly Hills.
For the month of July, SCL had a pop up shop on Beverly Drive, and was selling Dormify products!  I offered to host a night where people can come and shop the Dormify stuff in person, and get the chance to take 15% off of their purchase.


Many people were invited by social media, a Facebook event invite, word of mouth, etc.  Honestly, I had high expectations for the night.  Only a few people came, but we still had fun!
Before heading up to Beverly Hills, my friend, Kara and I made some cute props to use in pictures.


While waiting for people to arrive, Kara and I talked with Kendall, one of the founders of Stoney Clover, about all the different celebrities she has met.  She mentioned that just earlier that day, the one and only Rachel Zoe had walked by the store!

Sadly, no one bought any Dormify products, but Rachel (fellow Style Advisor), Kara, my friend Morgan and myself all bought some cute Stoney Clover bracelets!

In the end, the event didn't go as I planned, but we did have fun!  I will probably be hosting another event at my house in August for all the Orange County residents, so stay tuned for more information about that!

Also, if you want 10% off Dormify product, just use promo code ALLGLAMMEDUP :)

XO Kate

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