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Take Me To Coachella

12:00 AM

Vest: Old Navy | Top: Target | Shorts: Walmart (similar) | Shoes: Array | Bag: ℅ Kate Spade Saturday | Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe | Necklaces: Brooklyn Charm, Handmade | Bracelets: H&M, Forever 21, LA Fashion District | Pink Hair Color: Color Brilliance

So I am still dreaming of being at Coachella. I entered to win a ticket for weekend 2, and I am crossing my fingers that I win! I honestly don't know the majority of the bands/artists that are playing, except for a few. I mainly just want to go for the fashion! And parties.

I was shopping in Target the other day and remembered that I needed some new warm-weather pajamas. I stumbled upon this cute little eyelet trim tank that doesn't even look like a pajama top (it had cute little shorts to go with them, which I didn't get). It's the perfect little white tank to wear with shorts, pants, a skirt, whatever. I'm also kinda obsessed with this new army vest I got from Old Navy. I don't know why I didn't have one before, but I can already tell it's going to get a lot of wear! It's great because you can basically wear it during any season; it just depends on what you wear with it!

Oh and yes, I died my hair (more) pink!

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