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Hair Ties for Birth Choice

5:00 AM

As you may have seen already, I started making elastic hair ties in neon and pastel colors, and selling them on my Etsy store.  They're $2 each, and I'm giving half of the proceeds to an organization called Birth Choice.  Here's what they're all about:

"Birth Choice Health Clinics are licensed community care clinics providing medical consultations, pregnancy tests, STD testing, HIV/AIDS testing, well women care, and prenatal care. Through our medical services and education, we provide you with the support and answers you need in regards to your sexual health. Your health and wellbeing are important to us.
Pregnancy, especially one that is unplanned, can cause confusion and stress. We know that you may be facing a potential life changing choice and our staff is here to help walk you through your options. Our doctors and nurses are here to offer you a safe place to ask questions and get answers. Birth Choice Health Clinics wants to be your partner during this time to help you make decisions that you will feel good about for a lifetime.
Birth Choice Health Clinics also offers family planning consultations, counseling services, resource assistance, referrals, and Medi-cal’s Presumptive Eligibility Program."

Hope you can help me out! :)  If you have any other color suggestions, let me know!

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